The shadows from your ancient past

There are probably a gazillion different personality tests to reveal hidden aspects of self. Well, all right then, a couple of hundred. At least. The majority are designed to reveal something about you that you already secretly knew, and they give you a giddy ego-swell when you discover it must be true, because the test says so! But they miss the most interesting thing of all…

We are all the product of inheritance from our most ancient ancestors. The ancient Warriors who wanted to control everything and everybody, the amicable and community-minded Settlers who first learnt how to farm, and the exuberant and adventurous Nomads who wandered far and wide in search of… well, adventure, mostly. Everybody alive today has inherited something from all of them but it’s sound bet that you’re driven more by one than the other two, even if only just a bit, and this small test will help you discover just who your major ancestors were! Choose either (a), (b) or (c) as the answer to each question, whichever ‘fits’ you best:

  1. Choose what you would rather be: (a) Rich, (b) Loved, or (c) Famous.
  2. Say what you would do with the money if you were rich anyway: (a) Save it, (b) Share it, or (c) Spend it.
  3. Say where you feel you ‘live’ in your body: (a) Head or mind, (b) Heart or torso, or (c) Somewhere else, or don’t understand the question.

If you’ve got (a), (b) and (c) in any order (one of each, in other words) answer this decider question: Say what you believe others think of you: (a) Sensible, (b) Friendly or (c) Lively.

You’ll end up with more of one letter than the others. If it’s (a) you’re mostly a steadfast Warrior; while (b) suggests you’re a friendly Settler, and (c) says you’re a fun-loving Nomad.

What it all means

Remember, you definitely have something of all three types about you and it’s the ‘mix’ between them that really governs how the world sees you. But that dominant one will almost certainly be the part that people notice most.

Warrior: If this is you, then you’ll definitely have a tendency to ‘tell it like it is’ and won’t beat around the bush to do it! You like to plan things carefully and can be left feeling uncomfortable if there’s no time to consider all alternatives and possibilities – you detest doing anything without knowing exactly what you’ve let yourself in for. You are actually extremely skilled at recognising possible pitfalls in a plan and how to avoid them, thus providing a sound and solid basis for any venture you get involved with.

You tend to not ‘do’ excitability, knowing that nothing is ever as good as it is promoted to be and as a result, over-enthusiastic types can trigger your irritation! You might have a reputation as a ‘control freak’ and although you deny that, there probably is a need to be in control of your immediate environment – and also of the others who are in it! Irritability and contrariness are a natural part of your persona, especially if life isn’t going the way you want it to. The Warrior provides the world’s voice of reason and common-sense.

Settler: The Settlers are the nice people of the world, so if this is you, you probably have a lot of friends, a few ‘lame ducks’ who you have to look after, and a reputation of always being ready to lend a helping hand or give words or support when needed. You have a strong intuitive sense and are quick to recognise when somebody is not all that they claim to be, though it’s usually just a feeling that you might not be able to fully explain. You probably come over as always amicable and agreeable but underneath your soft exterior is a layer of tungsten steel, meaning nobody can ever make you do anything you don’t want to!

You’re not a ‘show off’ and as a result don’t seek the limelight and might even hate to be the centre of attention. The main downside of being a Settler is the tendency to feel let down from time to time… but remember, if you don’t give people your rules, you can’t blame them if they break them. The Settler will always fight tooth and nail for the underdog – fairness is the watchword for this one.

Nomad: If you’re a Nomad, then you see life as one big adventure to be enjoyed to the full, and it’s important to you that others can see that you’re definitely ‘different from the crowd.’ There must always be something happening in your life, or planned to be happening, or you begin to suffer crushing boredom – and then you might well create some drama or another just for the hell of it! You might well be an ‘ideas person’ with the ability to inspire and uplift, and find it easy to ‘sell’ your ideas to others when you want to, since your enthusiasm and energy are always infectious.

You like variety and adore change and like to be centre stage where you can probably pose and strut with the best of them when the mood takes you. You almost certainly have a tendency to exaggerate sometimes, ramping something up or down in whichever direction will get you the most attention. The Nomad is a true expert at generating a tide of sunny well-being and loves nothing more than dragging others out of a rut.

Whichever one of the three is your ‘main self’, you definitely have something of the other two about you and, just now and again, it can be fun to let it be more evident for a while.

It can be totally liberating – and you might even decide it suits you!

©Terence Watts, 2020