Training & Courses

Training Courses and Seminars that I Present

The following seminars and courses are now taught via my school’s online outlet, Essex Institute Online Training Each course a standalone course in its own right but there is also an International Advanced diploma option here Each course is ‘tried and tested’ and has already been conducted dozens – sometimes hundreds – of times.


    • BWRT® This is probably one of the most exciting course I have ever devised and within months of launching it in late 2013 literally hundreds of therapists were asking to learn it. It continues to grow and has its own web page at It is different from any other therapy you will ever have encountered – that’s a claim you may have seen many times before but in this case it’s totally true. It’s not CBT, EFT, TFT, EMDR, Hypnosis, NLP, DHE or anything else familiar. It’s unique and it’s BWRT® 

    • Warriors, Settlers and Nomads: A modern and dynamically energetic style of Parts work that grabs the client’s imagination right from the start, by-passing resistance as if it never existed in the first place. This course has been presented many times around the world, including USA, Europe, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Since 2012 it has also been available at a highly advanced level allowing often spectacular work to be carried out. Click here for details of training
    • Practical Analysis and Regression: A “grass roots” training covering the processes of analytical styles of therapy in detail to allow even those with scant prior knowledge to work effectively, safely, and confidently in this area.
    • Advanced Analytical Hypno-Psychotherapy: The subtitle for this one is: “Working by Stealth; the Invisible Therapist.” It covers many advanced and effective techniques for analytical working, even with logical analytical clients.
    • Symbiodynamics Level 1 for personal coaching: Coaching is an ever-growing industry and this system is second to none. The methodology is simple to employ and easily decimates the destructive power of the hidden agenda. This completes the training started with the M.A.G.I.C! course and allows a full analysis of the client’s needs if they are to achieve their goals
    • Psychosexual Dysfunction. This is a diploma course for established therapists who want to specialise in a truly fascinating field. It consists of twelve 90 minutes sessions and covers everything you need to know, including working with relationship issues.
    • Serious work: The ‘Serious Work for Serious Issues’ course is conducted over 6 x 75 minute sessions. and includes the course book which runs to more than 150 pages and includes many original scripts. 10 serious conditions are covered in the book, with advice on how to create a protocol for any other issue you might encounter.
    • Generalised Anxiety Disorder: GAD is o the increase and this course will show you how to use a structured 7-step programme which will relieve Generalised Anxiety Disorder in almost all cases – and will frequently alleviate the symptoms altogether. The book ‘7 Ways and 7 Days to Banish Your Anxiety’ is included as part of the course.

For more details of any of the above presentations, please contact me via my Contact Page or go to The Essex Institute Online Training.