About Me

I come from an extremely eclectic background, as do many hypnotherapists. I first qualified as a therapist in 1989 and was almost instantaneously successful – for the first time in my life, in fact, because before that I was what can be best described as a serial poor-achiever, in spite of monumental efforts.

My previous efforts included: TV engineer, electronics design, tailor, carpet-layer, computer programmer, furniture shop assistant, factory hand, salesman (fire extinguishers and alarms) and part time rock ‘n’ roller (lead guitar)… some of those ‘callings’ overlapping with my life as a professional ballroom and latin-american dancer, running my own school for some thirty years.

I discovered the world of hypnotherapy by accident but took to it instantly and at 48 years old suddenly realised that I had most definitely found my niche! I had also discovered a great truth:

"You'll never know how you could be if you decide to stay as you are..."

A first in the Profession...

In October 2007 I was privileged to be the first person from any of the psychotherapy-related professions to be achieve the level of ‘MCGI’ – Member of the City and Guilds Institute. This is deemed to be comparable to a British Masters degree.

The MCGI was awarded for my work on the creation and implementation of a specialist hypnotherapist course in psychosexual disorders.

If you wish to read it, you can download my presented thesis as a pdf file (260kb).

About me Terence Watts -MCGI-400px
Terence Watts at the MCGI Award ceremony in 2007

My Work

I’ve created many therapy courses and concepts but my proudest and most recent is BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® a totally new style of psychotherapy with its roots firmly in the latest discoveries in Neuroscience. There’s never been a more effective or efficient therapy and it’s actually difficult to see how there ever could be!

Current and past memberships

I am proud to be a Freeman of the City of London as well as the following:

I am currently:

Past memberships include:

  • Emeritus Fellow: The Hypnotherapy Society
  • Emeritus Fellow: The Counselling and Psychotherapy Society
  • Member and Committee Member: The International Association of Hypnoanalysts
  • Member: The Professional Hypnotherapists Center (Harley Street, W1)
  • Member: The International Stress Managers Association
  • Member: The National Council of Psychotherapists until the sudden change of management in 2011/2012 at which time I founded the NRPC

Therapy Timeline

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When I’m not working you can find me relaxing with Julie, my wife and our wonderful dogs, or pottering in the garden or greenhouse.

I also have a life-long interest in photography, especially macro shots and have some wonderful countryside right on my doorstep where I can pursue my hobby.

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