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Here are a few articles I've written, updated in 2020 - feel free to share as long as you leave my name on them!

(I'll be adding more from time to time...)

Happiness is... - We can't be happy all the time and here's why.

Arbut and Yerbut - the secret personal saboteurs you know better than you think!

Imposter Syndrome - why most people feel they're faking it.

Positive Thinking - It's not what you think!

Romantic Jealousy - The wrecking ball for relationships.

The Great Self-Esteem Fallacy - Loving yourself isn’t always the best answer.

The Three Sides of You - The shadows of your ancient past...

The New Kid on the block - A modern therapy for modern times.

Five Ways to Keep Your Cool - Don't let the b*****s wind you up!

Five Ways to Cope with Social Anxiety - How to stop worrying and love the party!

BWRT - what is it? - A look at what BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is.

BWRT Brief Summary - Some more information about the magic of BWRT!

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